Care India Network

CIN is a non-profit organization formed to provide at most care and to extend helping hands to the needy people. It targets to provide internal happiness to the people. We decided the name as Care India Network (CIN) in the year 2015 and we legally registered in the year 2016. We are the team formed by the volunteers who have helping mind and who realize the pain of poverty. We exist to satisfy the need of needy people. We work to bring smile in every face and make a place heavenly to all.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.”

The Formation Story of Care India Network (CIN)

It was a beautiful morning. While the sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, and the birds were singing merry music, the crowd was moving in waves to do their work. Among the crowd, a small boy drove his bicycle very fast. Sweat dripping to one side, but there was a speed in his eyes. He was very happy. The bicycle went fast wherever he thought. He continued his bicycle journey singing excitedly in the flood of joy. A few hours passed. The speed of the bicycle slowed down due to the loosening of the legs. Stomach began to rumble. He hurried to quench his thirst in the nearby lake. But it was sour to him. Only then did he realize he had missed the path. He picked up his bicycle and began searching for a way home. However, he went to a nearby shop, intending to pacify his stomach first. He never knows what hunger means. He was brought up with much care. But today he felt hunger. The shop owner who saw the sweaty clothes, said “give me money and I will give you food”. The boy, who did not know what to do due to lack of money, went to the nearby shops
and asked. But he was disappointed. Moved by the distance, he saw a trash can. Mosquitoes were circling it. Something was stinking rotten. The boy, dressed in torn clothes, arrived and took a package of food from the trash bin. He started sharing food with his friends nearby.
The boy could understand their longing, as he was in hunger. He feared that whether he will also become like that in future. He remembered that he had eaten richly at home. He began to move his bicycle along the nearby railway track. The next second he got off the rails, a train passed him. His heart began to beat fast with fear. He even wondered if he could get something in the trash tank. But could not bear the smell. The dogs were also fighting
in search of food. Sadly he moved away from there. With no one to help, he can’t even remember his address. He saw a yellow Coin phone box nearby. But, what’s the point! He doesn’t even know the phone number. He just kept moving his bicycle. In the distance was his school bus. He tried to chase it. Suddenly he saw a sign board. Somehow he reached home several hours later. He saw his mother waiting for him. His favorite food was on the table. But he remembered the hungry kids. From that day on, he got thirst to help others. Not only that, he also divided his friends into small groups, sowing the seeds of the idea of helping others and they began to help. The charity grew. This is not a story of something. This is true. A true incident in the life of our Care India Network founder. This incident is the
reason why the charity Care India Network blossomed in 2016. Since 2016, Care India Network is lighting up the lives of many poor, homeless, physically challenged and the needy people.

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