CIN 2023 New year celebration in old age Home

DATE: 08/01/2023

DAY: Sunday 

TIME: 5 pm 

Venue: Raj baba old age home 

EVENT TITLE: New year celebration with paati and thathas

THEME : To bring happiness by sowing the seeds of golden memories in golden people.

Short Brief: 

Planned to begin the new year with our dearest paati thathas at Raj Baba old age home with our Care India Network family members.

Detailed Description:

CIN family members have gathered at the venue from 2 pm and started to decorate the terrace with colourful balloons. 

Started with a Antakshari with paati thathas on one side as a team with 2 of our CIN family members and 2 more CIN family members on the other side with rest of the paati thathas as opposite team.

Games points were given accordingly.

To make the game more interesting we have kindled it with fire to make dance with our CIN family to get bonus points.

Then came our CIN Joy giver- (joker) to entertain our paati thathas which created a euphoric vibe in and around.

New year’s cake cutting celebration was carried at the end with the home incharge with the release of poster for the next event KPF.

Dinner was served with love.

It was a treat to us to see our paati that’s bursting crackers so happily like a kid.

Their feedback made us to feel grateful ❤️.


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