What do you learn ?

You learn about what is living and non living things .

What do you achieve?

  • You gain knowledge about living and non-living things
  • can differentiate living and non living things


  • All living things are natural things. 
  • They are produced by nature.

Living things need food:

  •  Living things need food to obtain energy, to grow and to stay healthy.
  • Plants make their own food by the process of photosynthesis.
  • Animals get their food from plants and other animals.

Living things breathe:

  •  All living things need to breathe. 
  • Different animals use different organs to breathe.
  • Example- fish use their gills to breathe. 

Living things grow and develop:

  • Living things grow from small to large and finally become adult to old. Example- human beings are born as babies and grow into adults.Seeds grow into baby plants and finally into big plants or trees.

Living things die:

  • All living things grow and become old then die.

Living things move:

  • All living things can move except plants.

Living things feel:

  • Living things react to react to changes in their environment. 
  • They usually respond to touch, light, heat, cold, and sound, etc.

Living things reproduce:

  • All living things produce new organisms of their own kind.
  • Some animals produce babies and some lay eggs.
  • Plants mainly reproduce through seeds.


  • All Non- living things are man made things.

They do not : 

  • Move 
  • Grow 
  • need food 
  • Feel 
  • Breathe
  • Reproduce