Rise Up Villagers 2022


DAY: Sunday 

TIME: 9am

Venue: Akkamapuram village 

THEME : To adopt a village and support them morally and financially to uplift the lifestyle of the villagers 

Short Brief: 

Rise up villagers is a long term project where this year 2022 visit to Akkamapuram village at Kancheepuram is the initial step taken to look after the village and to know their needs and necessities. Funds were raised from the Run for cause(RFC) marathon where people came forward to support the villagers by taking part in the marathon.

Detailed Description:

Around 11 members from CIN family had purchased the provisions and stationaries for the villagers the previous night and a started the journey to Akkamapuram .. met each and everyone in the village and spoke with the tribal community and underprivileged people from that area and invited them to gather together at community hall . 

Few games were conducted and children enjoyed a lot and the women in the village came up with their needs that is education , showing so much interest to study even after the were married and has the responsibility to take care of their children and families. They have assured to teach their villagers once after they learn English and computer education.

Classes have been started for 2 days a week and they were sincerely showing interest to learn and do their homework regularly.

At the end our team visited the residence of the villagers and felt to do something to make their living place better in the upcoming years.

As Diwali was approaching we have taken them to the nearest shopping mall and made them to purchase as per their wish


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