DATE: 08/05/2022

DAY: Sunday

TIME: 5 am 

Venue: Water canal road- korattur

THEME : To reach the public and make them know about Care India Network.

Short Brief:

It was planned for a 5 km run where any age groups can participate. 

Detailed Description:

The marathon was planned to be held at water canal road – korattur in order to focus on the nearby colleges and communities. As expected we have got the participants from the nearest location and to our suprise we have got participants from other districts too like Neyveli, Cuddalore, kancheepuram.

  • Teams were set like a crew of 4 organizers to communicate and take care of the registrations online and offline.
  • Refreshments had been set in 4- 5 spots for water, glucose, banana.
  • Physiotherapists a group of 11 doctors had supported the event with the basics need for the first aid to be done.
  • Zumba fitness was carried out at the beginning of the event.
  • Breakfast was provided at the end of the event.
  • Certificates and medals were provided to all the participants 
  • Trophies and cash award in a money bag containing one rupee coin was given as reward to the first 3 winners.
  • The co operation of the traffic police was much more beyond the expectations, and they were also honoured at the end.
  • The secretary of the FFC ground – assembly point of our RFC was also honoured by our team members.
  • The cause of the event has been explained and the people were really moved over the cause and shown us the immediate positive response.

Event Images:

Feedback From Event participants:

  • Really super today marathon I am very proud of you and your team members I like you and then I support you RFC-“Jagadeesan
  • Good experience ✨ Nala nadathuniga Marathon ha na neraya marathon paniruka nega pana gift 🎁 enaku romba puthusa irunthu super-“Vicky
  • Good experience and   ennudaiya Thiramai  kandupikka  help  Pana all brother s and sis…. thank


  • I appreciate the team CIN and the competitors who run for the transformation…..👏👏👏👏👏👏-“Mugilan
  • சமூக நலனை எண்ணி சமூகத்தில் வாழும் அனைத்து பாமர எளிய மக்களின் வளர்ச்சியை முன்வைத்துமக்கள் சேவையே என் உயிர் மூச்சு வாய்மையும் நேர்மையும் என் வழித்தடங்கள் இயன்றதை செய்வோம் பலனை எதிர்பார்க்காமல் நன்றி
  • U all conducted marathon good and iam impressed

Iam participated 60 to 80 but I never got a coin in any marathon-“Surya

  • Super ra panniga marothan👏👏-“Babu
  • Yea ellarum nalla organize panni successful ahh complete panninga 💙👍🏻and mini tournament (only single player games)maathiri panna innum konjam fund varum reach um kidaikum and mall layum promote panlam 😊
  • Great job keep going!!!!!-“Dheena dhayalan


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