CIN 2023 New year celebration in old age Home

DATE: 08/01/2023

DAY: Sunday 

TIME: 5 pm 

Venue: Raj baba old age home 

EVENT TITLE: New year celebration with paati and thathas

THEME : To bring happiness by sowing the seeds of golden memories in golden people.

Short Brief: 

Planned to begin the new year with our dearest paati thathas at Raj Baba old age home with our Care India Network family members.

Detailed Description:

CIN family members have gathered at the venue from 2 pm and started to decorate the terrace with colourful balloons. 

Started with a Antakshari with paati thathas on one side as a team with 2 of our CIN family members and 2 more CIN family members on the other side with rest of the paati thathas as opposite team.

Games points were given accordingly.

To make the game more interesting we have kindled it with fire to make dance with our CIN family to get bonus points.

Then came our CIN Joy giver- (joker) to entertain our paati thathas which created a euphoric vibe in and around.

New year’s cake cutting celebration was carried at the end with the home incharge with the release of poster for the next event KPF.

Dinner was served with love.

It was a treat to us to see our paati that’s bursting crackers so happily like a kid.

Their feedback made us to feel grateful ❤️.


Rise Up Villagers 2022


DAY: Sunday 

TIME: 9am

Venue: Akkamapuram village 

THEME : To adopt a village and support them morally and financially to uplift the lifestyle of the villagers 

Short Brief: 

Rise up villagers is a long term project where this year 2022 visit to Akkamapuram village at Kancheepuram is the initial step taken to look after the village and to know their needs and necessities. Funds were raised from the Run for cause(RFC) marathon where people came forward to support the villagers by taking part in the marathon.

Detailed Description:

Around 11 members from CIN family had purchased the provisions and stationaries for the villagers the previous night and a started the journey to Akkamapuram .. met each and everyone in the village and spoke with the tribal community and underprivileged people from that area and invited them to gather together at community hall . 

Few games were conducted and children enjoyed a lot and the women in the village came up with their needs that is education , showing so much interest to study even after the were married and has the responsibility to take care of their children and families. They have assured to teach their villagers once after they learn English and computer education.

Classes have been started for 2 days a week and they were sincerely showing interest to learn and do their homework regularly.

At the end our team visited the residence of the villagers and felt to do something to make their living place better in the upcoming years.

As Diwali was approaching we have taken them to the nearest shopping mall and made them to purchase as per their wish



DATE: 08/05/2022

DAY: Sunday

TIME: 5 am 

Venue: Water canal road- korattur

THEME : To reach the public and make them know about Care India Network.

Short Brief:

It was planned for a 5 km run where any age groups can participate. 

Detailed Description:

The marathon was planned to be held at water canal road – korattur in order to focus on the nearby colleges and communities. As expected we have got the participants from the nearest location and to our suprise we have got participants from other districts too like Neyveli, Cuddalore, kancheepuram.

  • Teams were set like a crew of 4 organizers to communicate and take care of the registrations online and offline.
  • Refreshments had been set in 4- 5 spots for water, glucose, banana.
  • Physiotherapists a group of 11 doctors had supported the event with the basics need for the first aid to be done.
  • Zumba fitness was carried out at the beginning of the event.
  • Breakfast was provided at the end of the event.
  • Certificates and medals were provided to all the participants 
  • Trophies and cash award in a money bag containing one rupee coin was given as reward to the first 3 winners.
  • The co operation of the traffic police was much more beyond the expectations, and they were also honoured at the end.
  • The secretary of the FFC ground – assembly point of our RFC was also honoured by our team members.
  • The cause of the event has been explained and the people were really moved over the cause and shown us the immediate positive response.

Event Images:

Feedback From Event participants:

  • Really super today marathon I am very proud of you and your team members I like you and then I support you RFC-“Jagadeesan
  • Good experience ✨ Nala nadathuniga Marathon ha na neraya marathon paniruka nega pana gift 🎁 enaku romba puthusa irunthu super-“Vicky
  • Good experience and   ennudaiya Thiramai  kandupikka  help  Pana all brother s and sis…. thank


  • I appreciate the team CIN and the competitors who run for the transformation…..👏👏👏👏👏👏-“Mugilan
  • சமூக நலனை எண்ணி சமூகத்தில் வாழும் அனைத்து பாமர எளிய மக்களின் வளர்ச்சியை முன்வைத்துமக்கள் சேவையே என் உயிர் மூச்சு வாய்மையும் நேர்மையும் என் வழித்தடங்கள் இயன்றதை செய்வோம் பலனை எதிர்பார்க்காமல் நன்றி
  • U all conducted marathon good and iam impressed

Iam participated 60 to 80 but I never got a coin in any marathon-“Surya

  • Super ra panniga marothan👏👏-“Babu
  • Yea ellarum nalla organize panni successful ahh complete panninga 💙👍🏻and mini tournament (only single player games)maathiri panna innum konjam fund varum reach um kidaikum and mall layum promote panlam 😊
  • Great job keep going!!!!!-“Dheena dhayalan


CIN Anniversary 2022

DATE: 13/04/2022

DAY: Sunday

TIME: 3 pm 

Venue: Infant Jesus Matric Hr sec school

THEME : Celebration of the success to travel all 6 years as a team to encourage each other , to go miles forward.

Short Brief: 

It was planned for all the CIN family members and family and friends. Our Bangalore wing also were able to take part in it.

Detailed Description:

Our Family Members were able to share their views about us .

Our CIN theme song was released on that day infront of our CIN family and live audience.

Our Bangalore wing had visited chennai and were honoured.

Our main characters of the song were honoured by our Bangalore team.

All of our dedicated leaders were given awards with a special mention.

Leaders had shared the happiness.

Cake was cut at the end of the celebration.


CIN Celebrated New year 2023 With Homeless people


DAY: Sunday 

TIME: 5pm

Venue: In and around Ambattur 

THEME : To give hope to the homeless people while we enter into the new year 2023

Short Brief: A pack of soap,shampoo,toothpaste,hair oil,blanket and food pack with a sweet was planned for 50 homeless people.

Detailed Description:

As we have planned , we were able to pack and  provide the gift packs to the homeless people on new year with the help of our teammates. 

Areas covered : railway stations and bus stops around Villivakkam, Ambattur, Padi, Anna Nagar.

Our team were exceedingly glad to experience the joy of the people and to receive their new year wishes from them.


RUT – Rise Up Talent-2022

DATE: 13/11/2022

DAY:  Sunday 

TIME: 9am

Venue: Sree Krishna mall

THEME : To bring out the hidden talents of orphanage homes children 

Short Brief: 

4 children homes had participated in Chennai 

  • Child home 
  • Sumaithangi 
  • Surabhi 
  • Street vision 

2 children homes had participated in Bangalore 

  • Anatha sishu Sevashram 
  • Gasper foundation 

Detailed Description:

Children from all the homes prepared and Participated very well much more than our expectations.

Event Images:

Gasper foundation 

Children enjoyed with the clown 

CIN Bangalore team with CIN Chennai team

Fancy dress competition 

Real heroes award to the Emergency medical team 

The audience 

Sumaithangi children 

Child home children 

Winning hearts award to InspectorRajeshwari mam 

Singapen award to women from Akkamapuram village from Rise up villagers project 

Paati thathas we’re given medals 

Real heroes for fire and safety department 


DUAC- Dream Unlimited Art Competition -2022


DAY: Monday

TIME: 10 am

Venue: Chennai, Bangalore and Mysore

THEME : To bring out the talents of children from orphanage homes and government schools in the form of art and Quiz we conduct this competition 

Short Brief: 

Conducted at 2 children homes at Chennai 

  • Child home 
  • Sumaithangi 
  • Government township school at Ambattur

Seminar on good touch and bad touch with puppet show was conducted at kamarajar government school at Chennai.

Detailed Description:

Drawing competition along with few other activities like essay writing, best out of waste, pick and speak a theme dance on tricolours of the flag and drama on topic before and after independence was performed by the children at Anantha sishu Sevashram at Bangalore.

Same drawing competition along with few games and crafts works were done at Urdu government school at Mysore.



DATE: 12/06/2022

DAY: Sunday

TIME: 3 pm 

Venue: Saraswati Matric Hr sec school

THEME : To prepare food and eat along with them in one leaf feeding the children and feeded by them.

Short Brief: 

It was planned for all the orphanage homes at chennai. Few of the homes were able to participate

  • Child home
  • Sumaithangi home 

Detailed Description:

Our team members were engaged with the cooking of main dish- vegetable pulav and egg curry.

Then the children were given a variety of Chocolates to have followed by ice-cream.

Then our team of CIN family members were split and formed 3 teams for cooking without fire along with children.

Fruit salad team.

Veg sandwich team

Chat team

We had our magician Mr.Revanth to entertain the children.

  • We had a group of few games for children at the indoor.

Joy of the children ❤️

Cook at the homes were honoured for thier service.

Kids enjoyed at the end




DAY: Wednesday 

TIME: 8 am

Venue: Vinayagapuram ground

THEME : A small initiative to increase the unity of Care India network and to spread out its wings 

Short Brief:

It was planned for all the CIN family members and family and friends. Yearby year we demonstrate the things happened in that respective year and bring out the moral and awareness, this year we made a kolam on women empowerment.

Detailed Description:

Many of our family members participated along with the Karaikal Ammaiyar old age home incharge. She had encouraged and motivated the team to do more good works.

Event pictures:-

Planning for the kolam in a organised way

Completed successfully 

Food was prepared by our love Amirtham wing to distribute to the homeless people 


CIN New Year Celebration with Paati Thathas-2022

DATE: 08/01/2022

DAY: Saturday

TIME: 9 am 

Venue: Kailash Mahal – Ambattur

THEME : To bring happiness by sowing the seeds of golden memories in golden people.

Short Brief: 

It was planned for 7old age homes in and around Ambattur.

  • Sai Ram old age home- Thirumulaivoyil
  • Raj Baba old age home- Villivakkam
  • Karaikal ammaiyar old age home- kallikupam
  • Tender care old age home- oragadam
  • Annai Sai trust- Avadi
  • Sai old age home- kundrathur
  • Sree sai old age home- annanur.

Detailed Description:

Due to the sudden Sunday curfew on January 9 th , our event has been postponed to January 8 Saturday, and the purpose of the event is fulfilled with all the proper necessary precautions which has been taken like wearing mask and following social distancing.

  • 7 teams were set to prepare our paati thathas for the event and to groom them nicely like angels
  • We had welcome them as Kings and Queens
  • Small activities were carried out in the beginning to make them feel comfortable.
  • Magician Revanth had come and astonished us with his magic tricks.
  • Few of the patti thathas wanted to perform on the stage to go back to their 80s
  • Joker from our Care India Network gave a surprise visit and won all our hearts by the performance.
  • All the home in-charges were honoured by our special guests
  • Anchor come singer Mr. Jay from Pudhiyathalaimurai mesmerized us with a special song for the event.
  • All of the paati thathas had danced with our CIN family members.
  • They were all sent back safe and sound with our CIN family members.